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5 Ways to Test Your Backup

Organizations are being progressively called upon to secure information. Attributable to the increased risk that adds up to failures in the system server, as a rule, the requirement of a backup plan.

Despite the fact that efforts to fight digital attacks in a viable manner are in constant progress in virtually all institutions, having a backup recovery plan is not complex or problematic. Here are some ways you can try your backup recovery plan:

Stage 1: know the backup infrastructure

Before starting with your backup recovery plan, the initial evaluation of the current backup base can help extraordinarily. This could incorporate the backup servers of your frameworks, the backup media, and the infrastructure build components.

The objective of this evaluation should be to consider how successful is the current framework for retrieving information influenced in the midst of a collapse of system security or different debacles. Secondly, emphasis should also be placed on distinguishing critical from non-critical information and the capacity of the components. This will help to decide to what extent critical information can be supported using existing capacity.

Stage 2: plan behavioral capacity

The point here is to understand the hole between the current prerequisites and the expected ones to accumulate and foresee how the needs will accumulate during the next 6 to 12 months. You will also know how the organization tries to scale its current backup bases to meet this development and what number of various types and number of backup clients it will include.

Stage 3: Evaluate procedures and policies

In this progression, the policies, needs, and procedures of the organization should be evaluated to establish best practices. This incorporates establishing itself in the ideal backup plan with the aim that all information is automatically sponsored. This could change from one place to another; but, it will obviously be based on the idea of ​​the information that requires support. For example, some organizations may require a daily backup of the database of their client account, especially if it is constantly renewed; others, however, may only need a week after week or a monthly backup.

Stage 4: identify resource needs

This progression is fundamental to an effective backup recovery plan. The problems that identify with monetary restrictions, the limitations of the organization’s framework and the limitations of personnel should be considered. For example, because of staff limitations, a CIO needs to request if its number of workers is adequate to perform a backup recovery operation and if they have the required range of skills to perform such an imperative task.

Basically, the limitations of the framework might include including more server farm assets or a backup recovery framework for storing records and other information.

Stage 5: Test your backup and recovery plan

Once you have influenced the actions necessary to have a backup and recovery to plan, run simulations to ensure that it works admirably, which will help you settle down after a real security disruption or calamity.

To test your backup recovery plan, it is vital that you back up all critical information and do not exclude territories or servers. The people of your staff, in addition, must be prepared for the most effective method to close the applications and load them when restarting.



How to Choose the Right Smart Watch for Your Needs

Do you love smartwatches? Have you ever thought of owning one? Well, if you have decided to get yourself a smartwatch, then there are a couple of things that you might want to consider. For instance, an ideal smartwatch should meet all your needs and also perfectly fit into your lifestyle. Fortunately, below are things to consider before settling for that preferred brand.

  1. Compatibility

Compatibility is very essential. You definitely don’t want to buy a watch only to find out that it is incompatible with your phone. For instance, apple watches are only compatible with iPhones. On the other hand, Samsung’s Tizen and Google Wear OS watches are compatible with both the Android and iPhones but may have limited features. As such, ensure to invest in a smartwatch that will work with your other devices.

  1. Notifications

Once you find a smartwatch that is compatible with your phone, you should then consider the notification features that it possesses. For instance, there are some models that may only handle some few notifications. Therefore, it’s best that you find a watch that will provide you with nearly all notifications in real time.

  1. The Display

When choosing a smartwatch, there are some that have a full touchscreen with a brilliant color, whereas others are simply black and white display. You should, therefore, pick a smartwatch with a display that matches your preferences. For instance, watches with LCS or AMOLED display will enable you to have a splendid view of photos, videos, and apps.

  1. The Battery Life

The battery life is highly dependent on the features of the smartwatch. Thus, the more the features, the faster the battery will die. But again, it also depends on the usage of the smartwatch. Therefore, you need to consider the battery ratings before you decide to purchase a smartwatch.

  1. Design and Personalization

As much as a smartwatch is an aid, it’s still a watch and needs to spice up your style. You, therefore, need to find yourself a well-designed watch with a choice of straps. This way you can change them during different occasions.

Finally, the above are the five main tips that will help you choose a smartwatch for your needs. You can also consider other aspects such as water resistance, remote functionality, and the pricing. Above all, choose wisely and enjoy your new smartwatch.

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How Google’s New Gaming Console will Compete with Gaming PCs

There had many rumors in the market about the new Google video game console, but this tremendous and rumored console is in the market and has caused a hung bang to the existing video game console. This new Google console is called the “yeti”, and this will be used to stream games from the server, this means that you buy the game and stream them over the internet rather than having to download the game before playing.

This means that the users of this new console will have a wide range of broad title within a second since you will play directly from the Google server rather than downloading the title to your p.c. There has been a lot of fear that this new Google console will rival the three hung console currently in the market the Nintendo, the Xbox One and the PS4 but this is not a thing to worry about for the three established console as game streaming has been traditionally doomed with time.

This means that Google as to go to the drawing board and do something unique and extraordinary to penetrate the live streaming games market. This is from the history we have seen the Nvidia shield which was of the same theory and making didn’t penetrate the market and few users adopted this.

The shield has marketed itself as the 4k streaming media with an inbuilt voice search and Google cast which allows the users to play Android games. If Google is for the same idea, then they have to do proper marketing and research why the shield hasn’t yet made a boom in the market since it launched the android game.

The shield has more than one year now after the launched and has not captured the attention of many as it was thought although the library of this game supports all the android devices. So as for my view if Google is planning to get a lion share of the market from Yeti console, they have to offer other unique services rather than just streaming the games. But we expect this will be a proper killer app after Google in the last few months hired veteran game developer Phil Harrison.

Harrison took charge as the vice president and the general manager of Google headquarters located in California he was the best in his 15 years role with Sony’s network of game studios. Harrison played a vital role in the development of PlayStation console and had also worked with Microsoft for three years as the senior executive and part of a team that developed Xbox.With this google as the right brain who know the behavior and habit of console players.

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Top Data Integration Trends in 2018

Data integration is a technique of combining stored information from different sources in a unified unit. The combination of various stored information into one structure helps an entity to deliver its service to their consumers in a satisfying manner. Therefore, data integration is one of the vital unmentioned parts of a business unit. Below are some of the top data integration trends in 2018.

Cloud storage

Cloud storage is perhaps the most trending data integration of 2018. Integration as a service has gained popularity, and many entities are considering this option. Data integration through the cloud has a couple of benefits that we cannot overlook. First of all, this method is the cheapest since you do not have to own hardware or space. Again integrating via cloud adjusts to your needs of volumes and type of data. Other entities have opted for hybrid integration where you combine both the cloud with on-premises hardware.

E-commerce integration

Online shopping has gained popularity in the recent years. For any business to keep up with the demand, satisfy customers and remain competitive, it has to adapt to this modern trend of an online store. Having an e-commerce business, it means you have to integrate with online payment providers, tax calculation service, social media, marketing software, geo-location, address validation among another service. Connecting with all these stakeholders has made this integration trend gain popularity in 2018.

Application Programming Interface management (API management)

API is an intermediary software that allows two or more software to relate with each other. API management is the process of monitoring APIs, analyzing their usage statistics and reporting on their performance. With many companies embracing cloud data storage in recent years, API management comes in to help integrate the services and software stored in the cloud. This integration enhances proper management and security of the data in the cloud, and thus it’s trending in 2018.

Internet of Things

This technology enables connectivity beyond the standard devices such as computers and phone. A company can connect its entire physical hardware such as vehicles and machinery. Connect these physical devices does enable not only service delivery and information sharing in real time, but also the security of equipment. This trend is gaining popularity, and it is estimated that 30 billion devices will be connected by 2020.

There are many more trending data integrations out there, and also the will be many more to come. However, these are the top ones. In case you are still using the old methods, it is essential you consider some of the modern data integration techniques to stay competitive.


5 Things You Should Know About Your Mobile Hot Spot

Gone are the days when we only relied on public internet hotspots. Today, most smartphones have an inbuilt mobile hotspot feature that allows you to work on the go and browse anytime. With the hotspot, therefore, you can create an Internet connection for up to six devices on a 3G phone, and up to ten, on a 4G smartphone. In fact, you no longer need a USB cable, and still, multiple users can share your phone’s internet plan.


Things You Should Know About Your Mobile Hot Spot

  1. Smartphone hotspots only work in 4G and 4G LTE coverage. Besides, an internet plan is required on your line for the hot-spot to function.
  2. With a 4G enabled phone, you can share your Internet connection with up to ten devices. While connected, also, you can still receive and make calls, as well as text with your phone.
  3. For a Simple Choice option, once your high-speed data-plan allotment is reached, your connection and data speed are usually reduced to 2G. If however you are using a simple choice but the unlimited plan, you will also have your internet speed reduced after using 14 GB of your package. Either way, your connection won’t stop, you will only experience slower speeds throughout your billing cycle.
  4. The Internet connection may be incompatible with some devices. But if you’re having issues connecting your devices to the hotspot, you can contact your device manufacturer for support.
  5. Be sure to enable the hotspot’s security password. For if disabled, anyone can access it without your knowledge and potentially tamper with any data being transmitted.

That said, there a few more essential tips that you should also know. For instance, any data used by a connected device will be charged from your total internet plan. To see your plan details and connection bucket, also, log in to the T-Mobile app and monitor your speed, daily usage, and safety settings. Precisely, the above are the five primary mobile hotspot features that you should know.