5 Things You Should Know About Your Mobile Hot Spot
By: Date: 03/16/2018 Categories: Blogging

Gone are the days when we only relied on public internet hotspots. Today, most smartphones have an inbuilt mobile hotspot feature that allows you to work on the go and browse anytime. With the hotspot, therefore, you can create an Internet connection for up to six devices on a 3G phone, and up to ten, on a 4G smartphone. In fact, you no longer need a USB cable, and still, multiple users can share your phone’s internet plan.

Things You Should Know About Your Mobile Hot Spot

1. Smartphone hotspots only work in 4G and 4G LTE coverage. Besides, an internet plan is required on your line for the hot-spot to function.

2. With a 4G enabled phone, you can share your Internet connection with up to ten devices. While connected, also, you can still receive and make calls, as well as text with your phone.

3. For a Simple Choice option, once your high-speed data-plan allotment is reached, your connection and data speed are usually reduced to 2G. If however you are using a simple choice but the unlimited plan, you will also have your internet speed reduced after using 14 GB of your package. Either way, your connection won’t stop, you will only experience slower speeds throughout your billing cycle.

4. The Internet connection may be incompatible with some devices. But if you’re having issues connecting your devices to the hotspot, you can contact your device manufacturer for support.

5. Be sure to enable the hotspot’s security password. For if disabled, anyone can access it without your knowledge and potentially tamper with any data being transmitted.

That said, there a few more essential tips that you should also know. For instance, any data used by a connected device will be charged from your total internet plan. To see your plan details and connection bucket, also, log in to the T-Mobile app and monitor your speed, daily usage, and safety settings. Precisely, the above are the five primary mobile hotspot features that you should know.