Top Data Integration Trends in 2018
By: Date: 09/08/2018 Categories: Blogging

Data integration is a technique of combining stored information from different sources in a unified unit. The combination of various stored information into one structure helps an entity to deliver its service to their consumers in a satisfying manner. Therefore, data integration is one of the vital unmentioned parts of a business unit. Below are some of the top data integration trends in 2018.

Cloud storage

Cloud storage is perhaps the most trending data integration of 2018. Integration as a service has gained popularity, and many entities are considering this option. Data integration through the cloud has a couple of benefits that we cannot overlook. First of all, this method is the cheapest since you do not have to own hardware or space. Again integrating via cloud adjusts to your needs of volumes and type of data. Other entities have opted for hybrid integration where you combine both the cloud with on-premises hardware.

E-commerce integration

Online shopping has gained popularity in the recent years. For any business to keep up with the demand, satisfy customers and remain competitive, it has to adapt to this modern trend of an online store. Having an e-commerce business, it means you have to integrate with online payment providers, tax calculation service, social media, marketing software, geo-location, address validation among another service. Connecting with all these stakeholders has made this integration trend gain popularity in 2018.

Application Programming Interface management (API management)

API is an intermediary software that allows two or more software to relate with each other. API management is the process of monitoring APIs, analyzing their usage statistics and reporting on their performance. With many companies embracing cloud data storage in recent years, API management comes in to help integrate the services and software stored in the cloud. This integration enhances proper management and security of the data in the cloud, and thus it’s trending in 2018.

Internet of Things

This technology enables connectivity beyond the standard devices such as computers and phone. A company can connect its entire physical hardware such as vehicles and machinery. Connect these physical devices does enable not only service delivery and information sharing in real time, but also the security of equipment. This trend is gaining popularity, and it is estimated that 30 billion devices will be connected by 2020.

There are many more trending data integrations out there, and also the will be many more to come. However, these are the top ones. In case you are still using the old methods, it is essential you consider some of the modern data integration techniques to stay competitive.